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“As a Spanish woman I have fire in my warm soul”

Carla Suarez, there are no other words to describe her other than: A Spanish delicacy that can’t be missed. Native to the vibrant city of Barcelona, she is an embodied Catalan beauty. Based in Madrid with a consistent travel schedule to Spain, London and around the world.

Bringing her Spanish sound, European poise and international demure from around the world to share with you an experience unlike any other that you’ve been spoiled by before. Green eyes framed with lush blonde tresses frame on her delicate face. Her inviting lips share Spanish secrets that transform into a contagiously sparkling smile. Petite framed, velvet skinned compliment ample curves for you to devour with both your eyes and hands.

Beyond her stunning looks lies deeper a sensually humble soul. A liberated woman who wishes nothing more than to indulge in the vital experiences of pure happiness and eroticism with you. Between her cultured conversations and worldly adventures to talks of humility and charity of helping others, there’s never a dull moment in her multifaceted company.

Best suited for the worldly daring, the respectfully generous, and those in need of a loving harbor, Carla can bring to you the very best what of “ a Spanish love” means.

Your Spanish Affair,

Carla x